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Fortify Your Application With Supabase:

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Sat Jul 15 2023

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Fortify Your Application With Supabase: Exploring Fine-Grained Control with Row-Level Security and OAuth Sign-inimage


In today's fast-paced world, the demand for rapid application development is ever-increasing. Are you looking for a solution that not only accelerates your development process but also delivers a reliable API for creating robust applications? Look no further! Meet Supabase, an open-source platform built on top of Postgres, which offers a feature-rich backend-as-a-service (BaaS) that can help do just that.

In a series of three articles, we are exploring Supabase that provides a rapid launchpad to bootstrap your ideas into mature products, allowing you to focus on bringing your ideas to life without getting slowed down by the complexities of backend implementation. In our previous article, we explored on how to accelerate your application development with the many capable features available from Supabase. In this second article, we will explore some of the key features that can enhance your application security.

With Supabase, you can easily integrate user creation and authentication. Not only that, you can also implement powerful row-level security (RLS) and data policies. These robust features rival the capabilities of a custom-designed backend solution, ensuring secure and reliable applications without the hassle of complex backend development.

With easy to define policies and a variety of OAuth provider, not only is your overall application security strengthened but allows improved convenience for your users with enhanced experience on your platform. We are so exciting with you joining us back on our exploration. If new do checkout our first article linked above. Strap in as we move forward with our next part of our journey.

Easy Integration and Management

Seamless Application Security with External providers

Authentication and authorization are critical components of any application, and Supabase simplifies this process. You can enable authentication methods like email/password, social login, or third-party providers. Supabase handles user management, secure password storage, and token-based authentication, ensuring that your application has robust security features.

User Registration

Integrating Supabase's user creation methods into your application is a game-changer. It enables a frictionless registration experience for your users. They have the convenience of creating accounts with their email addresses or through various third party OAuth providers. The integration of such user-centric features not only simplifies the registration process but also adds to the overall user engagement with your application.

With the provided authentication mechanisms you can ensure secure access to your application by implementing features like login, password reset, and email verification with great ease. Customise the authentication flow to fit your application's requirements, such as enabling multi-factor authentication for an extra layer of security.

There are more ways to manage user data to make use of and manage your users authenticated via Supabase. Those can be extended far beyond authentication and can be used for defining specific data access policies to achieve authorization or even further to only permit features specific to their subscription plans. The possibilities are Undefined.

Ensuring Data Security Through Fine-Grained Control

Row level security policies are PostgreSQL's rule engine. It is a fantastic feature provided by Postgres database that allows you to control data access at a granular level ie., custom authorization flows. This allows you to control and safeguard your data by fine tuning your data access policies.

A policy once defined for a table gets executed every time the table is accessed. Define rules based on user roles or attributes to restrict access to specific data rows. RLS ensures that each user interacts only with the data they are authorised to access, enhancing the overall security of your application.

Data policies can define fine-grained access controls. These policies govern data manipulation operations, such as inserts, updates, and deletes, based on specific conditions. You can enforce complex business logic and protect sensitive data from unauthorised access or modification.

Here's a sample RLS and policy defined :

-- Enable RLS ALTER TABLE ENABLE ROW LEVEL SECURITY; -- Create Policy CREATE POLICY "make_art_table_read_only" ON FOR SELECT USING ( true );

The above is a very simple policy that allows read operations on table 'art' but any update or delete operations would be blocked. Your requirements might be a bit more complex than that. Dont' fret, for you can write any complex queries that perfectly covers your needs.

Managing Data Separation for Multi-Tenancy

Supabase simplifies the implementation of multi-tenancy through the extensibility of policies to setup custom domain/tenant specific limits. This feature would ensure that users can only access data related to their specific tenant, thereby maintaining data separation and privacy.

This is achieved by having a column denoting the tenant owner of each row. While performing any read or write operation the requesting tenant's ID is retrieved from the JWT and the rows are filtered before performing any operation on the data.

Supabase has a few functions that you can use with your policies for the above use case:

  • auth.uid(): Returns the ID of the user making the request.
  • auth.jwt(): Returns the JWT of the user making the request.



Supabase strengthens data security through RLS and granular policies, seamlessly handles multi-tenancy, and enables integration with a wide variety of OAuth providers. Whether you're building a small-scale application or a large enterprise-grade system, you can create fast, secure, and scalable frontend applications. By harnessing the power of Row-Level Policies and integrating OAuth sign-in, your applications are on their way to a fortified and trust-inspiring environment for users.

But the adventure doesn't end here. Stay tuned for our next installment where we'll embark on an exciting journey into the depths of PostgreSQL's advanced features, now made easy with Supabase. Discover how real-time communication, webhooks, and event-triggered elevate your application's capabilities to new heights. Get ready to embrace the true potential of your backend built with Supabase, as we explore the features that will empower your production-ready applications!

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